We do the best every day to build a better future here. We’re desperate for candidates with excellent performance and huge potential, and devote ourselves to talent retention by providing employees with broad internal platform, clear career development planning and job content full of fun.

The Company treats employees as the most important resource on a “people oriented” basis, because they are not only value creators and strategy practitioners, but are also future trailblazers. To help employees show talent and make achievements is not only a concept, but also reflects the Company’s firm attitude towards employees.


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  • 一 Recruit excellent talents

    To us, employees constitute the core factor for the success of business. We’re desperate for excellent talents, and will ensure their careers at Huabao are full of challenges and passion. We are devoted to the diversification of staff teams, treating candidates of any race, gender, age and religious belief equally without discrimination, and providing them with equal employment opportunities.

  • 一 Recruit the people who perfectly suit our atmosphere

    The Company is in desire for excellent talents with international perspective, lofty aspirations, innovative thought and solid expertise foundation. In the rigorous atmosphere of the Company, the dedication to pursuit of excellence and forward thinking are essential for a productive and successful career. The uncertainty of future is the driving force behind our progress; our employees are out of the ordinary, because they are endowed with extraordinary foresight & sagacity, pioneering spirit and creativity.

  • 一 Recruit talents and enable them to have an insight into our corporate culture

    The Company gives special attention to new employee induction. The insight into the culture, history and positioning of enterprise helps employees to learn about the Company’s strategy and development orientation, get integrated with the new environment efficiently, and apply the expertise and capability they built in the past to the current job, thereby improving job performance.

Training and Development

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  • Build robust and passionate teams

    The Company’s human resources team strives to help employees to meet their career ambitions, and provides them with the best career development resources.When it comes to human resources, the primary task of the Company is to assure the effectiveness of human resources strategy, realize the transfer of organizational effectiveness through constant enhancement of employees’ competency and engagement, and provide effective support for organization development closely based on business needs.

  • Encourage employees to be charioteers of their own careers

    Career success depends largely on curiosity, open-mindedness and strong desire for constant progress. Despite the fact that every person dominates in his/her own career development, every single piece of success results from the concerted efforts of employees, their superiors and the human resources team.Here, we encourage employees to do their best. It is hoped that all employees could actualize their personal ideals at this platform and grow up together with the Company.

  • Promote development through training

    Since training is an important means of talent development, all employees aligning with the Company's values shall make proper use thereof for self-improvement. We established an employee training system covering all business lines and job layers by planning quality internal and external resources as a whole and facilitating the direct participation by enterprise leaders.

Compensation and Welfares

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  • The all-round compensation and welfare system of Huabao Flavours

    To attract, motivate and retain excellent talents and create a win-win situation between the Company and its employees, the Company provides employees with a comprehensive and competitive compensation and welfare system.

  • Competitive compensation

    Compensation incentive: The Company offers externally competitive and internally equitable compensation incentives, and uses short-term, mid-term and long-term incentives and incentive portfolio to achieve the unity of individual value and enterprise value and the win-win situation between the Company and its employees.

  • Diversified welfare

    Diversified welfare program: The Company offers welfares (including five insurances and housing provident fund), supplement welfares (including enterprise annuity) and internal welfares (including paid annual leave, staff dormitory, working meal, welfare physical examination, home leave subsidy, communication allowance, festival fee, high temperature subsidy, shuttle bus, afternoon tea, and birthday welfare).

  • Employee care program

    Employee care program: The Company provides employees with a variety of dynamic shows, provides new employees and the employees in service with thoughtful staff care, does them favors when they are in need, thereby ensuring they work and live happily.

  • Work-life balance

    Work-life balance: The Company provides employees with diversified vacations including paid annual leave etc., as well as diversified resources like learning on the job, day release and self-regulated learning etc. so as to assure the balance between their work and life.

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