Innovation Achievements

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With a forward-looking strategic vision, the Company has been carrying out high-input continuous research on upstream and downstream technologies and related technologies of the industry chain by taking technological innovation as a driving force. The proportion of special funds for R & D in the income from sales has been increasing year by year, specially the investment in introducing new equipment and upgrading old equipment has exceeded RMB 100 million, and both R & D investment and equipment configuration reached the industry-leading level. At the same time, the Company has established a sound technical R & D personnel training system and a personnel cooperation and exchange system, relying on the systematic R & D project life cycle management mechanism to ensure the efficient operation of the technology research and development system. The Company has made plenty of scientific research achievements with proprietary intellectual property rights; some of the innovation achievements were successfully used for technology investment, industry upgrade and new industry hatching, having remarkably improved core competitiveness of the Company's products.

National Projects

“The study on key technology for preparation of L-menthol through whole cell biocatalysis & asymmetric resolution” jointly undertaken by the Company and Jiangnan University was listed as a National 863 Project in 2008 and successfully accepted

During 2001-2014, the Company successively undertook 7 projects for Shanghai Economy and Information Technology Commission, 3 projects for Shanghai Science and Technology Committee and 1 project for Natural Science Foundation for Youth, and participated in 5 projects for State Tobacco Monopoly Administration; all these projects passed the acceptance inspection.

  • 7 projects

    Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization

  • 3 projects

    Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality

  • 1 projects

    National Youth Natural Science Foundation

  • 5 projects

    State Tobacco Monopoly Administration

Honors of Innovation

  • In 2016, in the brand economic development project funded by Shanghai industrial transformation and upgrading development special funds, the Company was supported by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization with RMB 500,000 yuan

    In 2018, the project of Shanghai H&K Flavours & Fragrances Co., Ltd. — Development of Strong-flavor Walnut Oil Microcapsules won the “First Prize for Improvement in Equipment, Packaging and Additives of the 5th ‘National Nuts and Roasted Snacks Food Science Progress Award’ ”

  • In 2016, the Company completed a processing method concerning restructuring Ylang-ylang oil and applied for the relevant patent

    In 2016, the Company completed the analysis research and application configuration of lavender oil, and applied for the patent of “a processing method for natural oil”

  • In 2015, the project on preparation of milk flavor enhancer by the thermal reaction method of the Company was awarded The First Prize for the National Scientific and Technological Progress of Roasted Nuts 2014-2015 by the Specialized Committee for Roasted Seeds and Nuts of China National Food Industry Association

    In 2015, the Company obtained the laboratory accreditation qualification certificate issued by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)

  • In 2014, the Company applied for the invention patent during the project on key technologies of controlled-release high-temperature microencapsulated flavor preparation and application organized by Jiangnan University

    In 2014, the Company won the initiation qualification for Tongan District Technology Plan Project 2014, which was accepted, during the project on deep processing technology research and development and production of clove leaf oil organized by Xiamen Tongan Technology Bureau, and applied for the patent of “a production process of eugenol for flavoring products” through the project

  • In 2014, in the project on application and research of High Hydrostatic Pressure (HHP) technology in tobacco flavors in China National Tobacco Corporation, with the HHP technology, it optimized, regulated and prepared Maillard reaction fragrance suitable for the styles and quality characteristics of cigarette products

    In 2014, "functional high-grade natural fragrance" developed by the Company obtained the Identification Certificate for High-tech Products in Jiangsu Province

  • In 2014, "natural microcapsule moisturizing agent" and "natural featured aromatic oil" developed by the Company obtained the Identification Certificate for High-tech Products in Guangdong Province

    In 2014, "moisturizing fragrance", "root oil fragrance" and "smiling flower fragrance" developed by the Company obtained the Certification for Key New Products in Jiangxi Province

  • In 2014, the Company obtained the China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) Certificate issued by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

    In 2013, the Company applied for the patent of "the production process of soluble film base" through the project on research and application of innovative solid freshener carriers organized by Fujian Development and Reform Commission

  • In 2013, the Company was awarded The First Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Award in the project on high-quality fragrances preparation and quality control technologies and their applications organized by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government

    In 2013, the Company was accepted by the expert review team organized by the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission in the project on building innovation capacities of the technology center organized by the above commissions

  • In 2012, the Company won The First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress 2012 issued by China National Tobacco Corporation in the research on Chinese-style cigarette sensory evaluation methods in China National Tobacco Corporation

    In 2010, it joined hands with Hongta Group to set up a joint key laboratory, completing the development and validation of sector items in the project on developing methods and formulating standards for Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) of EU

  • In 2010, the Company was awarded the Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress 2011 by China National Tobacco Corporation in the project on building a brand blending system for Yunyan series cigarettes in China National Tobacco Corporation

Patents and formula

Up to Dec. 31, 2018, Huabao has 118 patents in total, more spefifically, 97 patents for invention and 21 patents for utility models. Moreover, Huabao has more than 10 thousand flavor formula which are applied in commercial production. The above-mentioned patents and formula have substantially upgrade Huabao’s technology level and industrial influence.

  • 97

    patents for invention

  • 21

    patents for utility models

  • 10000+


R&D Center

Flavor Your Life

Dedicated Technological Innovation and Development through Global R&D Platform

The Company has set up international specialized technology R&D and testing centers in China, Germany and other countries. It possesses the title of National Enterprise Technology Center, provincial and municipal enterprise technology centers, engineering technology centers and R&D centers in Shanghai, Yunnan, Guangdong, Fujian and other regions.

  • State-recognized technical center
  • The Post-Doctoral Research Station
  • The Ministry of Science and Technology of China National 863 Project
  • China Torch Program
  • Tobacco Innovation and Technology Joint Key Laboratory
  • Post-doctoral mobile research station for food science and engineering at Jiangnan University
  • Joint graduate students training base at Jiangnan University