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Huabao Held the Award Ceremony for “2020 President Recommendation Booklist Reading Activity: The Indispensable China”and“Busy-themed Photography Contest”


Recently, the Award Ceremony for “Huabao 2020 President Recommendation Booklist Reading Activity: The Indispensable China (written by WANG Yuquan and published by CITIC Press Group)” & “Busy-themed Photography Contest” was held at the Beishang Hall of Huabao Shanghai Industrial Park. Mr. YANG Cheng, the special representative to president of Huabao  Flavours & Fragrances Co.,Ltd. (the “Company”) & the general manager of Huabao Lhasa, Ms. CHEN Jing, the HR director of Huabao, Ms. WEN Canbing, the administration director of Huabao & the chairman of the United Trade Union of Huabao Shanghai Industrial Park, as well as heads and representatives of relevant departments and the award-winning staff attended the Ceremony.

Affected by COVID-19 outbreak, some of the Company’s planned offline cultural, sports and training activities have been suspended or cancelled since the beginning of this year.In order to better serve our employees, cultivate their inner attainments and present their talents, the Company has tried every means to create learning conditions for employees and to enrich their spare-time cultural life, such as the series of online trainings conducted by the HR Department, as well as the reading activity & photography contest jointly organized by the HR Department, Administration Department and the United Trade Union. Through these activities, we hope to encourage employees to learn more, improve and enrich themselves, and advocate the positive and optimistic attitude towards work and life.

As the epidemic prevention and control becomes normal, our life and work have gradually returned to normal. In accordance with specific conditions, the Company, together with the United Trade Union, will organize and carry out more offline trainings and cultural & sports activities favored by all and good for staff’s improvement, so as to provide a platform for our staff to show their all-round talents in Huabao.