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Flavor Your Life

Reshape the Enterprise Culture and Shine with Charm of The Times


In order to adapt to the development trends of the times, better empower the employees and serve the implementation of the Company’s Three-Year Strategic Plan, the whole Company, under the hands-on involvement and guidance of the Company’s leadership, set off a great upsurge of enterprise culture research at the end of 2020 to sort out, discuss and redefine the original enterprise cultural concept. After systematic sorting, repeated discussion and scientific summary, it formed the ultimate cultural concept and its definition.

President Xi Jinping said during a recent inspection tour to Fujian, “Without the 5,000-year-old Chinese civilization, how could we find something with Chinese characteristics? And without Chinese characteristics, how could we find the path that has led us to today's success?” Excellent enterprise culture is also an important cornerstone and source of strength for the development and growth of an enterprise. Hence, we should attach importance to the study, construction and inheritance of enterprise culture, constantly optimize its connotation with the change of the times, and constantly make it shine with the vitality of the times, thus leading the enterprise to develop and forge ahead confidently.

Enterprise culture is neither a meaningless slogan, nor a publicity board posted on the wall, but the spiritual belief of an enterprise, the brand DNA of an enterprise and the guidance for enterprise development. The Company will take a variety of measures to carry out the culture implementation work, in which all employees should earnestly study and comprehend it, deepen their cognition and understanding, and actively participate in the culture implementation work, so as to better practice it in work.


Enterprise Vision: Flavor Your Life

Definition: Huabao should always adhere to innovation-driven development, deeply cultivate the condiment products and services, make constant innovations, lead new ideas, new trends and new development in the industry, and lead the industry reform. It would provide users with the most authoritative, the most influential and the most comprehensive solutions, and set up a new benchmark in flavoring your life.

Enterprise Mission: Green, Nutritious, Healthy

Definition: Huabao focuses on condiment FMCG field, takes “making life become ‘green, nutritious, healthy’" as the mission, adopts natural formulas, and relies on advanced technology to create green, nutritious and environment-friendly products, provide users and customers with safe, nutritious and healthy products, and strive to achieve effective balance between enterprise development and social value.

Enterprise Values: Client First, Value Creation and Shared Achievements


Client First - To provide customers with the best quality service is the first priority for the development of Huabao, and also the first priority for all of its employees. The criterion to measure an employee’s good/bad work is our “client” satisfaction. Client satisfaction is Huabao’s constant pursuit.

Value Creation - Huabao staff should firmly establish the consciousness of responsibility to create value for the enterprise, the customers and society, so as to enhance self-value, abide by the laws and regulations, and perform the duties. In Huabao, all positions are source of value creation. All positions can realize the improvement of self-value. Creating value for the Company and customers is an important criterion to evaluate employees.

Shared Achievements - Huabao is committed to developing and growing together with customers, partners and employees, to create a win-win flavor world.

Enterprise Spirit: Innovation, Pragmatism, Loyalty and Collaboration


Innovation - Innovation is the life of an enterprise. Enterprises need innovation, so do the management and the staff. We should constantly challenge ourselves and make bold innovations in knowledge, technology, system, management mode and other dimensions. Through innovation, we can continuously improve our core competitiveness and stay one step ahead in market competition. Only in this way can the enterprise grow stronger.

Pragmatism - We should come down to earth and work steadily. Even the shortest journey can’t be finished without taking the first step. Even the most trivial task can’t be completed without taking actions. Huabao staff must be doers.

Loyalty - Employees should be loyal to shareholders and the Company, proceed from the whole situation and safeguard the interests of the Company everywhere; and the Company should care for the employees and promote their growth and progress. The Company and employees also need to demonstrate loyalty to their customers.

Collaboration - Huabao staff should have team spirit; all staff should strive for a common goal, help each other, complement each other’s advantages, give play to comparative advantages, distribute the work and work together.

Enterprise Talent Concept: Lofty, Aspiring, Competent and Versatile


Lofty and Aspiring - Love the job, abide by discipline and laws, be a person of honesty and trustworthiness, uphold hard-working and dedication spirit; all the above are Huabao’s basic requirements for talents. More importantly, every employee should have a lofty vision, take the overall situation into consideration, always take the maintenance of the interests of the Company as his/her own duty, and think and act in concert with the Company, share a common destiny and development with the Company.

Competent and Versatile - In Huabao, we will neither appoint people by favoritism, nor by educational background, qualifications and family background. The key criterion to evaluate the talents is: whether they can strive for progress and development; whether they can meet the needs of the job and the Company; whether they can understand the methods and have the means to translate what we learn and think into productivity and performance to help the Company develop.