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Huabao Shareholders’ Meeting 2020 Was Successfully Held


At 14:00 p.m. On April 9, 2021, Shareholders’ Meeting 2020 of Huabao Flavours & Fragrances Co., Ltd. (“Huabao” or the “Company”) was successfully held at the Company’s conference room. The Meeting was hosted by Mr. XIA Liqun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, and was attended by Ms. YAUN Xiaoqin, Director and President, Mr. REN Miao, Director and Vice President, Mr. ZHANG Ziheng, Director, Professor FU Qilin, Independent Director, Professor ZHANG Yansheng, Independent Director, Mr. XUE Liang, Supervisor, Mr. HU Wei, Vice President and Secretary of the Board of the Director, Mr. ZHANG Jie, Vice President and CFO, and 11 shareholders and shareholders’ representatives. Moreover, an online voting platform was provided to facilitate the participation of minority shareholders in this Shareholders’ Meeting, and 13 shareholders participated in the Meeting through online voting.

At the Meeting, the Company’s leaders reported 11 proposals, including 2020 Annual Report and Its Abstracts, 2020 Annual Report on the Work of the Board of Directors, 2020 Annual Report on the Work of the Board of Supervisors, 2020 Annual Final Account Report, 2020 Annual Profit Distribution Plan and the Proposal on Changing the Use of Part of the Raised Funds and Adjusting the Implementation Plan for Part of the Equity Investment Projects, and made full communication and exchange with the shareholders on relevant matters. After careful review and discussion by shareholders attending the Meeting, the above proposals were voted through.

In the next step, the Company will uphold the principle of “being accountable to all shareholders” to implement the resolutions of the Shareholders’ Meeting, strengthen basic management, accelerate the implementation of the Company’s strategies, and strive to maximize the interests of all shareholders and the Company.