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Warlbor Asia Pacific: Devote further to Huabao’s globalization business and strive to create an international platform for intelligent manufacturing


At an exchange event for entrepreneurs held on July 21, 2020, President XI Jinping stressed that entrepreneurs should take root in China, open eyes to the whole world, improve the ability to explore the international market and facilitate domestic economy and international engagement to provide mutual reinforcement. At the 24th meeting of the central committee for deepening overall reform of the Communist Party of China Central Committee held on February 28, 2022, President XI Jinping stressed that China would accelerate the building of world-class enterprises with outstanding products and brands, leading innovation, and modern governance. Just as it takes a good blacksmith to make a good steel, Chinese enterprises need to constantly strengthen their core competitiveness to meet different challenges, so as to gain a competitive edge in the global market and become world-class enterprises. Huabao Flavours & Fragrances Co., Ltd. (“Huabao” or the “Company”) has actively responded to the call of China. While constantly promoting the globalization of business, Huabao has developed the layout to establish a global R&D system, and create the “Huabao International Intelligent Scientific and Technological Innovation Platform”, thus making the Company stand at the global forefront of the industry.

Warlbor Asia Pacific: Seize the construction opportunity of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road

In December 2020, at the important node of the first five-year official implementation of the national “Belt and Road” Initiative, Huabao invested in Singapore and established an innovative and high-tech company - Warlbor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (“Warlbor Asia Pacific” for short), which integrates business development, innovation and R&D. It is also the second overseas innovation and R&D center set up by Huabao in Singapore following the first overseas innovation and R&D center established in Germany, and both of them jointly promote the construction of “Huabao International Intelligent Scientific and Technological Innovation Platform”.

Taking advantage of the development of the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, after nearly two years of construction and development, Warlbor Asia Pacific has played an important role as a strategic fulcrum in the global industrial chain layout of Huabao Group, and played a key role in the construction process of “Huabao International Intelligent Scientific and Technological Innovation Platform”.

At present, Warlbor Asia Pacific has attracted industry experts and professional elites from Singapore, Malaysia, Argentina and other countries. Huabao’s diversified and open culture collides and integrates with its outstanding corporate culture accumulated over the past 20 years, which has injected new innovation vitality and entrepreneurial passion into Warlbor Asia Pacific, and created a relaxing, free, friendly and unique workplace atmosphere for employees from all over the world, so as to better serve scientific and technological innovation and business development, and facilitate better and faster development of Warlbor Asia Pacific.

Bring our flavor products to the world

Founded in Shanghai in 1996, Huabao Group has a history of flavor exploration that can be traced back to the founding of Continental Chemical Society (predecessor of Huabao H&K) - the first national flavor business established in Shanghai in 1912, because Huabao Group conducted acquisition of Huabao H&K in 2004. More than 100 years of exploration and research on flavors has shaped Huabao’s enterprise mission of “Green, Nutritious and Healthy”, and strengthened the determination of Huabao to realize the enterprise vision of “Flavor Your Life”.

As China’s international status has improved and the influence of Chinese culture in the world has been greatly enhanced, Huabao has paid high attention to making “Chinese flavors” go global, and actively promoted the internationalization strategy. Warlbor Asia Pacific is inheriting and innovating Huabao’s century-old classic “Chinese flavors”, developing rapid market layout in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and actively cooperating with local customers in flavors, ingredients and other products. In order to build an industrial ecology, the company has made steady layout of the “flavors+” industry chain. And by virtue of the technical advantages and radiation ability of Warlbor Asia Pacific, the Company has actively expanded the overseas markets in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and other regions through the localization and improvement of classic products, thus accumulating experience and laying a solid foundation for the Company’s overseas business expansion.

In order to promote rapid business development, Warlbor Asia Pacific has set up the company’s official website, registered the Linkedin account, and focused on the development mission of “Green, Nutritious and Healthy” to create the natural and clean brand label of “Wonders of Nature - Embracing Nature”, so as to increase brand exposure, interactivity and trust, well tell the story of Huabao, let more people know and understand Huabao, make Huabao (an important and leading enterprise in China’s flavors and fragrances industry) go to Southeast Asia and the world, and strive to bring Huabao products to the markets in Southeast Asia and even the world.

Lead future development of flavors industry with scientific and technological innovation

At present, Warlbor Asia Pacific Innovation R&D Center has introduced a number of international industry experts, who have extensive experience and innovative research in the food and beverage industry and in LC/MS and GC/MS analytical methods. Moreover, working and living experience in many countries enables them to have a profound insight and research into the dietary preferences of people from different regions and cultural backgrounds. They will cooperate together to open a new journey of flavor innovation for Warlbor Asia Pacific.

Meanwhile, Warlbor Asia Pacific is planning to cooperate with well-known universities in Singapore in talent training, project development, technology exchange and other aspects. This will bring continuous innovation inspiration, technology iteration and talent pool for the company.

Warlbor Asia Pacific Innovation R&D Center will give full play to the synergy of Huabao’s international R&D platforms, be dedicated to food and beverage flavor technology innovation and development, and strive to become a global food and beverage innovation center for comprehensive and multidisciplinary research, to  utilize the research ecosystem to facilitate business cooperation and development, and provide solutions and services for enterprises around the world to help them change food and drink flavors. Moreover, based on its advantages of international professional talents, Warlbor Asia Pacific has been deeply involved in the construction of R&D system, legal system and key scientific and technological innovation projects of Huabao Group, and provided technical support for domestic technical teams, to guide their development and technical innovation of “flavors+” products such as food ingredients, organize training and exchange regularly, expand the vision of domestic technical teams, promote the company’s R&D capacity to meet international standards, and facilitate the establishment of “Huabao International Intelligent Scientific and Technological Innovation Platform”.

Overcome all difficulties to earn a promising future

Huabao is taking advantage of the construction of the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”. We will embark on this amazing journey of flavor discovery in Singapore, steer the development direction of Huabao, overcome all difficulties, build Warlbor Asia Pacific into a new leading company of overseas technology innovation and business development of Huabao Group, bring the “Green, Nutritious and Healthy” Huabao products to the world, and let people experience and feel our flavors.