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To Produce Children-Friendly Food - Yifang’s Development Road for “Green, Nutritious and Healthy” Products


On May 9, 2019, the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council of China released the Opinions on Deepening Reform and Strengthening Food Safety Work, in which it is emphasized that food safety is related to people’s health and life safety, as well as the future of the Chinese nation. The Report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made it clear that the food safety strategy should be implemented to ensure what people eat are safe. Food safety is related to the health of the people and the fate of the country.

As an important enterprise in China’s flavor and food ingredients industry, Huabao always attaches great importance to food safety, and takes “Green, Nutritious and Healthy” as the strategic mission of enterprise development, and ensure product quality and safety by continuous iteration of innovative technology and strict control of raw materials and production management, thus to flavor your life with “green, nutritious and healthy” products. Shanghai Yifang Rural Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Yifang”), a subsidiary of Huabao Group, is a leader in the food ingredients industry. It has engraved food safety into the hearts and bones of every employee, and flavored your life with “green, nutritious and healthy” products.

Shanghai Yifang— Provide Children-Friendly Food

Founded in 1999, Shanghai Yifang is a new high-tech enterprise integrating vegetable and fruit planting and processing, fruit and vegetable product R&D and sales. In recent years, it has been identified as “Shanghai Key Leading Enterprise for Agriculture Industrialization”, “High-tech Little Giant Firm in Shanghai”, “Demonstration Enterprise of the National Demonstration Zone for Export Food Quality Safety”, “Songjiang District Enterprise Technology Center” and so on. Its subsidiary Jiangxi Yifang Rural Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise integrating planting, production, R&D and sales. It has successively won the honors of “Advanced Private Enterprise of National ‘Enterprise-Village’ Targeted Poverty Alleviation Action”, “Specialized Little Giant Enterprise of Jiangxi Province in 2018”, “Leading Small and Medium Enterprise Specialize in Niche Sectors of Jiangxi Province in 2018” and so on.

Whether you walk into the office area of Shanghai Yifang or Jiangxi Yifang, the first thing you can see must be the eye-catching words on the wall: To Produce Children-Friendly Food. This simple but eye-catching sentence of words contains our warmth and responsibility and highlight Yifang’s business philosophy and pursuit. When speaking of this sentence, Ms. Qian Rong, the General Manager of the Company, always shows confidence and pride in her words. She often cautions our staff that our mission is to provide children-friendly food. Our staff are deeply affected by this sentence and thus wholeheartedly dedicated to creating “green, nutritious and healthy” products.

Shanghai Yifang has an orchard planting base in Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, where it grows lemons, mulberries, grapefruits, oranges and blueberries. Among them, Yifang Tahiti lime has won the A-level green food product certificate issued by China Green Food Development Center. In our own planting base, we strictly control every link from breeding, planting, management and picking, thus to effectively guarantee the quality of raw materials. In addition to the supply of its own raw materials, Shanghai Yifang also strictly controls the procurement of raw materials and selects high quality raw materials from high quality places of production to ensure product quality. For example, the water chestnut of Shanghai Yifang is from Guangxi, which has the geographical origin certificate of water chestnuts, and our highland barley is also from Shigatse, Tibet, which has the geographical origin certificate of highland barley. In order to create “green, nutritious and healthy” products, we travel thousands of miles to strictly select the best raw materials, thus to produce children-friendly food.


In addition to strict selection of raw materials, Shanghai Yifang also attaches great importance to the control of the production process. Shanghai Yifang has a modern production and processing center in Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, i.e., Jiangxi Yifang, with 3 workshops and 17 production lines. Jiangxi Yifang has introduced international advanced continuous, automatic and intelligent production equipment and sterile production line from Italy, which effectively guarantees the safety of product production.

Shanghai Yifang has realized a closed-loop food safety management system with guaranteed raw materials, controlled production and traceable products, which provides an effective guarantee for “producing children-friendly food”.

Explore the frontier technology and grasp the market trends

Shanghai Yifang has covered the industrial chain from upstream fruit cultivation to downstream food deep processing, and now owns a complete industry chain in the field of fruit and vegetable ingredients. Its main products include 6 series of more than 300 products: the Popping Boba series, the molecular food series, the jam series, the fruit granule series, the preserved fruit series and the canned series, which are favored by industrial markets and tea-based drink customers. In the food ingredients industry, Shanghai Yifang is one of the enterprises with the richest varieties of condiments.

Shanghai Yifang has a profound understanding of the market trends for dairy products, baking products, tea-based drinks and other products. It lies in the forefront of the industry in terms of R&D and application of fruit and vegetable processing, embedding and more, and possesses a number of inventions and utility model patents in product innovation. Shanghai Yifang is committed to providing comprehensive solutions of fruit and vegetable ingredients for food manufacturing and tea-based drink service enterprises. It is Shanghai Yifang that first proposed and successfully developed the Popping Boba products in the food ingredients industry. In terms of the core series of Popping Boba products, the Company adopts innovative technologies and techniques to wrap fruit juice, grains, nuts or fruits and vegetables in a transparent thin skin for food processing production as well as ingredients for tea-based drinks and desserts.

In 2010, Shanghai Yifang first raised the R&D of Popping Boba products. In 2012, the first generation of chocolate lava Popping Boba product was created and then applied by famous catering enterprises. With the continuous change of market demand, technological innovation and product iteration are urgent. Since the creation of Shanghai Yifang first generation of Popping Boba products in 2012, the series have entered the fourth generation of high temperature resistant Popping Boba products. The high temperature resistant Popping Boba products are also the special contribution of Shanghai Yifang to the tea market. We can say that Shanghai Yifang is also creating the history of Popping Boba products in the food ingredients industry. Popping Boba products have undoubtedly become the core series of products of Shanghai Yifang, with absolute core competitiveness.

Transcend the past and create the future together

Over the past 23 years, Shanghai Yifang has been specialized in the research on innovative technology of food ingredients, held fast to food safety, and upheld a serious attitude towards and sense of responsibility for our products, and diligently flavored your life, thus Shanghai Yifang has won so many honors and become a star enterprise in the food ingredients industry, as well as a high-quality supplier of many well-known catering enterprises and food enterprises. Now, as an important member of the Huabao family, Shanghai Yifang will make full use of Huabao International Intelligent Scientific and Technological Innovation Platform to leverage the synergistic effect of scientific and technological innovation and develop more new products that adapt to the market and lead the trend, and rely on Huabao’s business globalization strategy to bring our “green, nutritious and healthy” products to all parts of the world and create a brighter and better future together.