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Pool Widsom and Hang Together | Jiapin Fine Taste Management Team Visited Huabao Shanghai Industrial Park


Autumn is more beautiful than spring. In this season of harvest, the young and vibrant management team of Hunan Jiapin Fine Taste Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (“Jiapin Fine Taste”) visited Huabao Shanghai Industrial Park.



On September 28, Ms. XIONG Wen, CEO of Jiapin Fine Taste, together with her core management team, visited Huabao Flavours & Fragrances Co.,Ltd. (“Huabao” or “Company”) and paid special exchange visits in respect of matters such as standardized operation and scientific & technological innovation. Ms. YUAN Xiaoqin, director and president of Huabao, led the core management team of the Company to attend the meeting between the two parties. This was another in-depth interaction between the core teams of these two companies, following the field survey conducted by senior leaders of Huabao in Hunan at the beginning of this month.

At the meeting, Ms. YUAN Xiaoqin, director and president of Huabao, expressed a sincere welcome to the Jiapin Fine Taste team, and introduced the core management team members of Huabao headquarters one by one, which built a bridge for the subsequent accurate and efficient collaboration between the two companies. At the same time, President YUAN also gave the guidance and suggestions of adhering to characteristics, standardized operation and goal orientation for the future development of Jiapin Fine Taste.

Ms. XIONG Wen, CEO of Jiapin Fine Taste, also expressed high praise and heartfelt thanks to Huabao for a series of efficient and practical accurate empowerment of Jiapin Fine Taste after President YUAN led a team to Hunan for field survey at the beginning of this month as well as the professionalism of the Huabao team.



The Jiapin Fine Taste team also visited the Huabao exhibition hall to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the development history, strategic planning and industrial layout of Huabao. At the same time, it also place full expectations of future in-depth cooperation.

During the one-day exchange, the two companies held special discussions on more than ten topics, including new product planning, technical issues, corporate governance, standardized operation, capacity layout, overseas market expansion and talent system construction of Jiapin Fine Taste. Based on the comprehensive understanding of Jiapin Fine Taste and its own development experience, the management team of Huabao made a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of the above topics and the challenges facing Jiapin Fine Taste in the future, and put forward professional solutions and reasonable suggestions. The professional, rigorous, relaxing and pleasant communication, warm atmosphere, harmonious relationship, and the collision of ideas and inspiration more clearly depict the clear and expectable future of Jiapin Fine Taste.



Huabao adheres to the development mission of “green, nutritious and healthy” and the development vision of “flavor your life”, which is resonating with the original intention of Jiapin Fine Taste to provide customers and consumers with “safe, natural, nutritious and healthy” products throughout the day; Huabao always takes technological innovation as a solid support for the high-quality development of the enterprise, which shares the same value with Jiapin Fine Taste's core competitiveness based on the technology-oriented and innovation-driven philosophy in every discussion. It is the highly consistent values and strategic directions that have laid a solid and powerful foundation for the joint development of the two companies.

This exchange visit made the teams of Huabao and Jiapin Fine Taste fully understand each other. On this basis, Huabao will further comb and integrate internal and external resources, continue to deepen the efficient collaboration mechanism, form resultant innovative force and technical complementarity with Jiapin Fine Taste with market as the orientation, accurately empower the core competitiveness of Jiapin Fine Taste, fully support the sustainable development of Jiapin Fine Taste's business, set a model of concentric and diversified industrial ecosystem, and explore to start a new chapter for development.