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Good News| Better World Naturals was recognized as a High and New Technology Enterprise


Recently, Better World Naturals Co., Ltd. (“BWN”), a subsidiary of Huabao Flavours & Fragrances Co.,Ltd. (“Huabao”), successfully passed the national recognition of “High and New Technology Enterprise” and obtained the High and New Technology Enterprise Certificate (Certificate No. GR202231007917) jointly issued by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipal, Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, and State Administration of Taxation Shanghai Taxation Bureau.

Jointly invested by Huabao (300741.SZ) and Mitsui Corporation of Japan, BWN is committed to relying on technological innovation, market-driven and unique whole industry chain integration to provide customers with integrated full-scene application solutions of high value-added plant extracts. BWN has established the Better World Naturals US in Chicago to focus on international business.

The approval is the further recognition and affirmation of BWN’s scientific and technological innovation capacity, commercialization ability of scientific and technological achievements, intellectual property management level, research & development (R&D) organizational management level, growth indicators, talent structure and more from relevant competent departments, which will be of great significance to improve BWN’s scientific research level, promote technological innovation, talent innovation and management innovation, and enhance its core competitiveness.

In the future, BWN will focus on the present, continue to improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, deepen professional technology, further enhance the independent innovation ability of BWN, and further strengthen the ability of technological innovation and scientific and technological achievements transformation, so as to provide strong technical support for the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of the enterprise, and promote the enterprise to move to a higher level. BWN will continue to keep pace with Huabao to accelerate business internationalization, give full play to the synergistic advantages of Huabao’s international platform for scientific and technological innovation, keep an active insight into domestic and foreign market demand, adhere to the development concept of “green, healthy, nutritious”, take management innovation and technological innovation as the driving force, continue to invest in R&D, strengthen internal management, and steadily improve product quality, thus providing customers with integrated full-scene application solutions of high value-added plant extracts.