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Mayor of Francistown, Botswana Visited F&G


Recently, Mr. Godisang Radisigo, Mayor of Francistown (the second largest city of Botswana), where F&G BOTSWANA (PTY) LTD. (“F&G” or the “Company”) is located, and his delegation visited F&G. Mr. ZHU Wenhua (General Manager of F&G) and relevant personnel of the Company received the delegation.

Group photo of Mayor Radisigo (the third from right), General Manager ZHU Wenhua (the third from left) and personnel of F&G

In the grim situation where the COVID-19 pandemic continuously plagues the world, and Africa has increasing confirmed cases, the Mayor went deep into the enterprise to show concern for the employees’ health and safety and to have an understanding of the epidemic prevention and control as well as the operation of the Company. The Company acknowledged the warmest care and the excellent encouragement from local government in winter. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, F&G has been attaching importance to the epidemic prevention and control, to employees’ health and security, and to normal production, thus guaranteeing effective virus prevention and control, and normal production.

Before entering the Company, Mayor Radisigo went through the disinfection, body temperature measurement, and registration according to the procedures.

Daily epidemic prevention and control procedure before entering the gate of F&G - disinfection and body temperature measurement

In the reception room where strict social distancing rules shall be observed, Mr. ZHU introduced the basic information of the parent company, Huabao Flavours & Fragrances Co., Ltd., as well as F&G’s work for localization of middle-/basic-level staffing, improving skills of local employees via training, creating more job opportunities, earning more foreign exchange through exports from Botswana’s products, improving Botswana’s reputation in the international market, and disseminating and sharing China’s and Botswana’s culture, for Mayor Radisigo. Mr. ZHU thanked Botswana Government for its continuous support for the Company. Later, the Mayor visited the manufacturing shops and laboratories of the Company with interest, and inquired about the source of raw materials, productive process and technology, employment of local employees, future development planning, the market opportunity of and difficulties in planting tobacco in Botswana.

Mayor Radisigo (the second from left) visited one workshop office, accompanied by General Manager ZHU Wenhua (the first from left)

General Manager ZHU Wenhua (the first from left) introduced finished products of the Company for Mayor Radisigo (the second from left)

Mayor Radisigo (the second from right) visited the volatile matter workshop that was completed in 2019, accompanied by General Manager ZHU Wenhua (the second from left)

Mayor Radisigo (the first from left) visited one laboratory, accompanied by General Manager ZHU Wenhua (the third from left)

Mayor Radisigo fully recognized F&G’s contribution to the development of Botswana’s economy and society, and stated that Botswana would keep supporting the development of the Company.

Based on the stable political and economic environment of Botswana, F&G, as a local well-known technology-based China-invested manufacturing enterprise, enjoys high-quality tobacco resources of Botswana and surrounding African countries, e.g. Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malawi, and collects high-quality tobacco raw materials and ingredients all over the world, e.g. the USA, Brazil and Cyprus. Based on so rich and excellent tobacco raw material resources, by adhering to the purpose of optimizing raw materials, by virtue of advanced production equipment and extraction equipment as well as mature fine processing technology, F&G aims to meet customer demands, and has developed a series of natural flavors and fragrances for tobacco with advanced functions. Thus, F&G has been recognized and praised by several mayors and Chinese ambassadors to Botswana, and has established itself as a benchmarking enterprise for local China-invested enterprises. F&G was awarded the honorary title of “Private Business Growth Awards of Botswana” by government department of Botswana for three successive years.

2019 Private Business Growth Awards of Botswana

Mr. ZHU finally stated that, “The honor motivated us to go ahead. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, F&G has received many orders – we will finish the orders by the first half of 2013. In the future, in addition to producing high-quality, unique and even irreplaceable natural flavors and fragrances for customers, we will also further expand the import/export, production and extraction of high-end tobacco, and explore emerging market, especially African market and international market outside of Africa, so as to make more contributions to the development of Botswana’s economy and society.”