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Huabao Was Commended by the Commerce Department of Tibet Autonomous Region


Recently, for its outstanding contribution in stabilizing foreign capital, optimizing structure and improving quality, Huabao Flavours & Fragrances Co.,Ltd. (“Huabao”) received the Notice of Commendation on Advanced Enterprises and Relevant Units in Commerce in 2021 from the Commerce Department of Tibet Autonomous Region. Tibet Wahaha Food Co., Ltd. was also commended.

As a listed company operating in Tibet, Huabao has been engaged in its main business, keeps pioneering and innovative, and tries its best to contribute wisdom and strength to Tibet’s economic and social development. In the face of complex international situation and the global COVID-19 pandemic, supported by government departments and leaderships of Tibet at all levels, by virtue of efforts of all employees, Huabao has been responding to challenges with composure and making great efforts to seize the development opportunities. In recent years, Huabao has developed steadily. Now, Huabao is effectively facilitating its digital transformation, domestic and overseas business expansion, and key projects, which will become the new growth drivers and new engines for its high-quality development.

Following the spirit of the 10th Party Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region and the Economic Work Conference of the High-tech Zone, Huabao facilitates the regional economic development by virtue of its effective growth, supports the external development of the regional economy by virtue of its in-depth transformation and continuous exploration, and continues to make contribution to the society by virtue of its continuous improvement in strength. With its courage to transform, high spirits, down-to-earth attitude, and corporate responsibilities, Huabao is practicing its mission of “green, nutritious, healthy”, to welcome the 20th National Congress of the CPC.