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Yunnan Tianhong Successfully Completed the Management System Surveillance Audit


On June 8, Yunnan Tianhong carried out the annual surveillance audit of its ISO management systems (GB/T19001-2016 Quality Management System, GB/T24001-2016 Environmental Management System and GB/T45001-2020 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series). China Certification & Inspection Group (CCI Group) Yunnan Company was responsible for the surveillance audit. The company sent three senior auditors to conduct the work and agreed on specific departments and contents for the surveillance audit.

The surveillance audit aimed to evaluate the ongoing compliance and effectiveness of the company’s management systems, thus to determine whether the maintenance of accreditation is recommended.

According to the schedule of the audit team, the opening meeting was held at the company’s conference room at 9:00 a.m. on June 8. CCI auditors, our heads of all departments and our internal auditors attended the meeting. At the meeting, the leader of the audit team introduced the schedule, audit related contents and audit time (June 8- June 9). After the meeting, the three CCI auditors began to audit relevant departments according to the division of labor.

After nearly two days of intense and meticulous audit, the audit team held the summary meeting at the conference room on the afternoon of June 9. The audit team made a summary of the surveillance audit, affirming the development of our work, raising oral suggestions, and hoping Yunnan Tianhong continue to strengthen efforts in production safety.

Although the external audit is an annual surveillance audit, Yunnan Tianhong has adhered to the earnest and meticulous working attitude over the years, and successfully completed the audit, thus to have maintained the continuous accreditation of the ISO management systems.