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Huabao Presented Supplies Expressing Solicitude and Festival Regards to Employees in Yingtan Huabao, Jiangxi H&K and Jiangxi Yifang to “Hang Together as A Family”


On September 9, the vehicles carrying the supplies expressing solicitude of Huabao Flavours & Fragrances Co.,Ltd. (“Huabao”) successively set off for Yingtan and Ji’an, Jiangxi from Huabao Shanghai Industrial Park. After traveling day and night, these supplies arrived at the premises of three companies (i.e. Yingtan Huabao Flavours & Fragrances Co., Ltd. (“Yingtan Huabao”), Jiangxi H&K Food Technology Development Co., Ltd. (“Jiangxi H&K”) and Jiangxi Yifang Rural Technology Co., Ltd. (“Jiangxi Yifang”) on September 10, the very day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and were distributed to employees by the Human Resources & Administration Department of each company. For our employees, they not only received the supplies expressing solicitude and the care from the leadership and colleagues, but also felt delighted and proud as a member of the Huabao family.

Unloading the supplies at Yingtan Huabao:

Unloading the supplies at Jiangxi H&K:

Unloading the supplies at Jiangxi Yifang:

Since the sporadic outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Jiangxi Province in early August, our relevant companies immediately launched the contingency response plan to effectively ensure the health of employees and guarantee production and delivery. Closed-loop production measures have been adopted, so that employees either live in the company’s dormitory for closed-loop management, or live directly in the company’s office. They have insisted in this way for more than a month. They could not take care of their aged parents and young children; they could not go home for family reunion on the Mid-Autumn Festival; and they have to overcome the difficulties in life brought by weather change. However, the employees have never complained about it. They keep united, optimistic and positive. While making good efforts in pandemic prevention and control, they strived to defeat the epidemic as early as possible, so as to resume normal life and reunite with their family members.

After learning the situation of the three companies in two places of Jiangxi, the leadership and colleagues of Huabao immediately extended their regards in different ways. YUAN required the Human Resources & Administration Department of Huabao to purchase supplies rapidly and send them to our employees in the three companies, enabling the staff fighting in the production lines to timely feel the company’s care and warmth. In face of such a special period, Ms. YUAN wished that everyone could spend a peaceful and happy Mid-Autumn Festival.


Ms. CHEN Jing, director of Huabao Human Resource and Administration Department, designated special personnel to first send the supplies to employees at our production bases in Jiangxi. After repeated and careful communication with leaders of the three companies, we purchased protective clothing, protective masks, N95 masks, sanitation supplies, drugs, milk, bread and other materials worth more than RMB 100,000. Due to the traffic restrictions brought by the pandemic and the traffic congestion during Mid-Autumn Festival, it took us some time and efforts to contact the logistics company. In order to make the employees get the supplies on the Mid-Autumn Festival and feel the care from Huabao and the leadership, we specially arranged vehicles in Yingtan and Ji’an to transport the supplies, thus ensuring safety and timeliness.

Ms. YUAN examines the vehicles

Ms. YUAN specially came to examine the vehicles and learn the transportation time. She repeatedly emphasized the supplies should be sent to the employees on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival while ensuring the safety. She also required that leaders of all departments and companies should pay great attention to employee care.

In face of the pandemic, Huabao has always place the life safety and health of employees at the center of everything we do. We always pay great attention to employee care. And we try our best to guarantee the production and delivery of products while ensuring the safety. Huabao people will work together to fight against the pandemic and harvest great achievement in this autumn.