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Industry-University-Research Innovation| Books Complied by SHENG Junyi (Senior Flavor Analyst of H&K Flavor) Were Included in the Planned Textbooks for Colleges and Universities


“We accumulate knowledge little by little, to analyze and solve problems on the basis of the work of others, thus laying a solid foundation for later generations.”

Before our exclusive interview for his new books, Mr. SHENG Junyi, Senior Flavor Analyst of Shanghai H&K Flavours & Fragrances Co., Ltd. (“H&K Flavor”) and author of the books Blending Technology and Application of Flavor and Fragrance (the first author) and An Introduction to Flavor and Fragrance (the second author) published by Chemical Industry Press, read for us these words from Jinmei Yuan, a tenured professor of philosophy at Creighton University, and told us that this sentence was his motto that guides his research and creation journey.

Mr. SHENG Junyi and his new books

Mr. SHENG Junyi has been engaged in the flavor and fragrance industry for more than 50 years. In 1982, he went to the United States for study as one of the six technicians in the first scientific and technical delegation of flavor and fragrance industry sent by China to European and American countries. After that, he went to Germany and Singapore many times for long-term further studies and learning in relevant enterprises.

A photo of SHENG Junyi (the third from left) with other members of the delegation

SHENG Junyi posed for a photo in front of the Capitol Building in Washington

A photo of SHENG Junyi (the fourth from left) with flavor and fragrance researchers from Florasynth

Mr. SHENG Junyi joined Huabao in 2002 and was appointed Senior Flavor Analyst of H&K Flavor in 2006. He has solid knowledge and experience in fragrance blending, essential oil finishing, standardization, essential oil adulteration identification and enterprise quality management. Under the joint effort of Mr. SHENG and the R&D team, the company has established a set of flavor and fragrance analysis technology system that is highly influential in the domestic industry and compatible with the international flavor and fragrance industry. In addition, over the past 20 years, Mr. SHENG has been committed to the promotion and facilitation of new concepts and technologies of flavors and fragrances. So far, he has made academic reports and technical lectures on 42 topics in the flavor and fragrance industry and related universities. Today, at the age of 72, he is still on the job to profoundly study flavor and fragrance analysis technology. He is also a guest professor at the School of Perfume and Aroma Technology of Shanghai Institute of Technology.

Mr. SHENG is working at the Fragrance Analysis Laboratory of H&K Flavor

“I’m not publishing a book only for publishing a book.” said Mr. SHENG. The experience of China’s reform and opening-up proves that technology cannot be bought, but can only be acquired through our own efforts and innovation. He stressed that although China has now become a veritable major power of flavor and fragrance production, with both total product and gross product ranking in the forefront of the world, the transformation from a major power of flavor and fragrance to a great power of flavor and fragrance is still the responsibility and mission of all scientific and technical staff of the flavor and fragrance industry. With the original intention of doing their part to China’s flavor and fragrance industry and providing a textbook or reference book with technical content and reference significance for the professional education of flavor and fragrance major, Mr. SHENG and the other two authors have unreservedly contributed their knowledge to society. At present, these two new books have been included in the planned textbooks for colleges and universities.

The book Blending Technology and Application of Flavor and fragrance, compiled by Mr. SHENG Junyi as the editor-in-chief, is divided into two modules, among which the flavor and fragrance blending module includes introduction to flavor and fragrance blending, basic skills required for flavor and fragrance blending, blending fragrant and gustatory food flavors, compound blending of fragrance and more. In the application of flavor and fragrance module, Mr. SHENG combines theory with the practical accumulation gained during his work at H&K Flavor, thus providing professional and academic analysis of flavoring techniques for beverages, dairy products, candies, bakery products, stewing and frying foods, roasted goods, meat products, etc. It is worth mentioning that the “Sheng’s Theorem” mentioned in this book was founded by Mr. SHENG Junyi and first published in this book.

Mr. SHENG said in the interview that H&K Flavor is a high-quality platform that provides a broad development and growth space for him and his colleagues. As a national flavor and fragrance enterprise with a history of 110 years, H&K Flavor is acutely aware that scientific and technological innovation is the cornerstone of its long-term development. It has invested huge manpower, material and financial resources in innovation. With strong atmosphere for scientific research, it has cultivated generation after generation of outstanding scientific and technological personnel for the flavor and fragrance industry, including both experienced seniors like SHENG Junyi and many young newcomers with innovative spirit. They have jointly formed H&K Flavor’s echelon technical talent team, fighting side by side in the fragrance research line for years and relying on excellent technical strength to create higher quality products. From 1912 to 2022, H&K Flavor has been accumulating the science and technology strength, enhancing its competitiveness in the industry, and constantly promoting China’s flavor and fragrance industry to the world and a better future.

H&K Flavor R&D team

“The contents in these two books are only a small part of my knowledge inventory, and I will publish more books in the future to share and pass on more knowledge.” said Mr. SHENG. After the interview, Mr. SHENG returned to the laboratory and continued to explore the flavor and fragrance world he loves.